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About Us

Hi! I’m Queenora. I own Queenora's Closet, which specializes in creating custom garments and Finer Fabrics by Queenora, which was created to give black representation on custom fabric.

Sewing was not a hobby or skill of mine until 2014. It was then that I was looking for professional clothes for a new job and experienced a difficult time finding clothes that I liked and suited my body. While looking on Pinterest for outfit ideas to camouflage certain parts of my body, I came upon a sewing blogger who handmade a dress that I fell in love with. From that point, I committed myself to learn to sew because who else can make clothes for my body better than me :)

From these years of sewing for myself and close family/friends, I have found that many women experience the same difficulties that I did back in 2014. And from this difficulty, we place fault with ourselves in that we cannot fit the clothes available to us. Well the issue is not with us or our bodies, the issue is the clothing. The focus is adjusting the clothing to fit us - our height, our shape, our curves. And that is what I aim to provide with Queenora’s Closet. Custom garments handmade to your personal measurements.

Throughout my sewing journey, I have seen how underrepresented the black/African American community is within the custom fabric world. As a black woman, I know too well how important it is to see yourself in all facets of life - including on fabric. With Finer Fabrics by Queenora, I aim to help bring representation to black and brown people.